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AICHR Youth Debates 2017

Hello Indonesian Debater!!

ASEAN Intergovernmental Commission on Human Rights (AICHR) is currently looking for individuals to be Indonesia's delegates to compete in AICHR Youth Debate on Human Rights 2017. The competition will be held in Thailand.

Collaborating with Atma Jaya Debating Club, we are going to hold a selection to choose the delegates. If you are interested to become one of them, join our selection. The requirements are listed in the poster.


These are the motions you can choose for the essay and video:

1) ASEAN should NOT establish a Human Rights Court that can issue enforceable judgments.

2) Economic growth, and not human rights, must be the key goal of ASEAN development.

3) To promote women’s rights, a quota system to include equal proportion of women should become mandatory.

4) Citizens of ASEAN should have the right to work in all Member States.

5) Environmental damage should be treated as a Human Rights Violation.


Registration form will be posted on Indonesian Representative to the AICHR Facebook and AICHR Indonesia's website or you can request via Alamat email ini dilindungi dari robot spam. Anda memerlukan Javascript yang aktif untuk melihatnya..

Contact Person:

Ray Fabian (WA: +6287878968925)

Bimo Sadeli (WA: +628119612929)

Please download Registration Form here.

See brochure attachment here.

See TOR AICHR Youth Debates Competition 2017 here.

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